• For beginners & advanced users

    The first all-in-one solution for beginners and advanced users! We'll pick you up exactly where you are today and train you to become a Lamimaker expert!

  • Logical & understandable

    The training consists of text and infographics (theory), as well as videos and photos (practice). The entire training is so logical and structured that it is really easy for everyone to understand.

  • With certificate

    After successfully completing the training, you will receive a certificate of participation, which you can print out. You will find out how to receive your quality certificate in the training.

EasyLiftTraining is the most comprehensive real-time online eyelash lifting training for beginners and advanced users

Are you a beginner/newcomer or advanced in the field of eyelash lifting and want to acquire in-depth expert knowledge about eyelash lifting in order to offer the most beautiful and healthiest eyelash lifts in your city? Then with “ELT” I have exactly the right all-in-one solution for you. Because in “ELT” we don’t scratch the surface and are satisfied with average results.

“ELT” stands for perfection and covers every topic down to the smallest detail. The online training is systemically structured in such a way that it is equally suitable for every level of knowledge. The logically structured curricula and the practical videos provide you with the knowledge of high-quality, practical training.

In addition, the trainer Inmaculada Martino Rios shares with you all the valuable tips and tricks that will not only make your work on the client easier, but will also allow you to think about eyelash lifting in a new, modern way and take your entire career to the highest level. You must know “ELT” is honest, profound, easy to understand, always up to date and brand independent.

Like the star hairdressers and top make-up artists, we only select products from the best manufacturers that are 200% convincing. EasyLiftTraining saves you a lot of costly and time-consuming product testing. On top of that, you can receive valuable intensive care. In short: “We train you, with heart and brain!”

Note: the training is only available in German!

About Us

EasyLiftTraining was created by Inmaculada Martino Rios and her international team of experts. She is an eyelash stylist with over 15 qualifications and was a jury member in the eyelash lifting category at the “Golden Peacock” championship in Munich in October 2019. In “ELT” she took advantage of the wonderful opportunity to combine all her expert knowledge and practical experience. She is in constant communication with her international contacts, which means that “ELT” is always up to date. To date, she has successfully given numerous individual training courses, group training courses and in-house training courses. Inmaculada Martino Rios looks after you personally in German, English, Spanish and Italian. It stands for perfection, quality and loyalty!

“I have a vision to build a new generation of lamima makers who deliver high quality in their services.”

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  • Lash lifting training with substance

    In EasyLiftTraining you will find the entire foundation of the treatment and also all the expert knowledge. Finally all your questions will be answered. We bring clarity to achieve healthy and beautiful eyelash lifting results.

  • Always up to date

    EasyLiftTraining is always up to date. New findings in theory or practice are updated directly. This way we guarantee that you always attend the most up-to-date training.

  • More safety

    EasyLiftTraining knows how to treat eyelashes. Thanks to all the understandable specialist knowledge, the practical videos and the intensive support, you will feel very well prepared in every situation.

  • More sales

    You'll build a loyal customer base right from the start, without sacrificing failure and driving customers away with poor results.

Collapsible content

The only training program you really need to get started in the eyelash lifting business

  • 15 cutting-edge theory modules with over 40 lessons
  • Extensive subject-specific knowledge with comprehensible graphics, detailed explanations and valuable tips
  • Practical video with step by step instructions in your media library
  • Up to 3 months of intensive support via Telegram or email from the EasyLiftTraining trainer, Inmaculada
  • Access to our Telegram Master-Mind group for internal exchange
  • Personal feedback from the community
  • Certificate of participation (English) with option for a quality certificate
  • Special conditions/discount codes from our independent partners
  • Option for EasyLiftLive, live on-site or in-house training with the trainer


The theory is taught to you in written form, with appropriate graphics and the practice in video format. This is the only way we can guarantee that the training you have purchased is up to date. This enables us to act quickly and revise the lessons if necessary. Thanks to the extensive research, the different manufacturers continually adapt their products to the latest findings. The techniques are also constantly being perfected. It may happen that if you buy this training again in a year, the details will have received an update.

Training content

The treatment and its benefits are explained

  • What is an eyelash lift and all the benefits at a glance.

Hygiene and safety measures

  • Correct hygiene, important safety measures and gentle posture.
  • Eye diseases, contraindications, expectations and professional handling of allergies.

Customer information

  • Presentation and explanation of the preliminary information, the declaration of consent and the customer file.
  • This way you can confidently handle uncancelled appointments and build up a reliable customer base.

Before treatment

  • Explanation and explanation of the systematic sequence: workplace preparation, initial consultation, anatomy and eyelash analysis (preliminary analysis) and photos.

Eyelash expertise

  • Function of eyelashes, eyelash types and anatomy.
  • Learn how to properly handle false layers.
  • Introduction to preliminary analysis.
  • Eyelash structure, life cycle and growth phases.
  • Eyelash structure and its layers.
  • Durability of the eyelash lift.
  • Chemical composition of the eyelash:


  • Presentation, recommendation and explanation of the studio equipment and equipment of all required work materials.
  • With step-by-step instructions and extra treatment videos.

Silicone pads and their properties

  • Presentation and explanation of their properties and their geometry.
  • Learn the basic rules.
  • Get to know different lifting effects. Understand the effects in combination with different application techniques and exposure times of the lotions to adapt to the different eye types, to strengthen or weaken them.
  • Determine the silicone pad type and size and fix the silicone pad correctly.

Fix eyelashes (glue and balm is presented)

  • Presentation, explanation and explanation of two methods of fixation.
  • Learn how to use clean technology.
  • A step-by-step guide with an extra treatment video.

Expertise about the lotions

  • Explanation of the different lotions and their chemical composition.
  • Explanation of the differences in the chemical composition of the different manufacturers. Get to know their ingredients to distinguish between gentle and strong lotions.
  • Comparison of strong lotions and gentle lotions.
  • Determine and adjust the exposure times of the lotions individually for an initial appointment.
  • Determine and adjust the exposure times of the lotions individually so that they can be refreshed after a few weeks.
  • Introduction, explanation and explanation of the Lash Control Check.

dye eyelashes

  • Presentation and explanation of the work material.
  • Presentation, explanation and explanation of two application techniques.
  • A step-by-step guide with an extra treatment video.


  • Presentation and explanation of the work material and its application.

Error analysis: Identify the causes and learn to apply solutions

  • The bend is too weak
  • The bend is too strong, causing eyelashes to curl
  • The eyelashes sag at the root zone
  • Eyelashes lie horizontally after the treatment
  • Eyelashes will cross again a few weeks after treatment
  • After a few weeks, eyelashes have a kink at the tips
  • The bend was easy to see in the studio and barely visible the next day
  • In the studio the curl was nice and the next day the lashes were curled

Most common customer questions

  • A dialogue between you and your customer

Reverse treatment

  • A step-by-step guide

Correct eyelash tips

  • A step-by-step guide with treatment video

Remove eyelash extensions

  • A step-by-step guide with treatment video

Certificate of Participation

Theory videos (in all modules the trainer shares all her valuable tips and tricks)

  • Preparation
  • Tape
  • Glue away eyelashes
  • Choose the silicone pad correctly
  • Attach silicone pad
  • Fix eyelashes (with glue or balm)
  • Apply and remove lotions correctly
  • Apply and remove eyelash color
  • Intensive care on and off
  • Clean up
  • Apply final care
  • Touch up eyelash tips
  • Remove eyelash extensions

Start today!

You can choose whether you want access to the training content for 14, 21 or 30 days. The training will be activated immediately after purchase.

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  • Package S: EasyLiftTraining Online

    • 14 days access
    • Unlimited access to main video
    • 1 month intensive follow-up care
    • Unlimited access to the internal mastermind community
    • Option for personal quality certificate
    • Option on EasyLiftLive
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  • Package M: EasyLift Training Online

    • 21 days access
    • Unlimited access to main video
    • 2 months of intensive follow-up care
    • Unlimited access to the internal mastermind community
    • Option for personal quality certificate
    • Option on EasyLiftLive
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  • Package L: EasyLift Training Online

    • 30 days access
    • Unlimited access to main video
    • 3 months of intensive follow-up care
    • Unlimited access to the internal mastermind community
    • Option for personal quality certificate
    • Option on EasyLiftLive
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frequently asked Questions

I'm a career changer and have no knowledge. Is EasyLiftTraining suitable for me?

EasyLiftTraining is perfect for you as a career changer to become socially acceptable. Each topic is tackled at the basics and leads you step by step to expert knowledge. The modules are logically structured in their order. This makes it easier for you to always keep track of things. The expert knowledge helps you gain the self-confidence you need to work confidently with your customers and offer an exceptional service that delights your customers.

I already have experience with eyelash lifting. I would like to understand the treatment better and have my questions explained. Is EasyLiftTraining also suitable for me?

A definite yes! It has been found that over 90% of questions asked by experienced stylists are based on a lack of expertise. Experienced stylists have very large gaps, especially in the biochemistry of the eyelashes, the chemistry of the products used and the associated chemical conversion process in the eyelashes. Many stylists also have a completely cramped and rigid way of thinking about eyelash lifting. EasyLiftTraining covers all of these topics extremely thoroughly and comprehensibly, so that after the training you can treat each eye and eyelash type individually without over-stressing or damaging the eyelashes.

Is an eyelash lift harmful for your eyelashes?

How harmful an eyelash lift is depends on the products used and their application. There are aggressive and gentle products on the market that you can use to reshape your eyelashes to give them a new curve. Gentle products cause minimal damage to the eyelashes, while aggressive products damage them greatly. In EasyLiftTraining you will learn how to distinguish between gentle and aggressive products in order to achieve a gentle and beautiful eyelash lift on your customer's eyelashes.

Will I learn how to laminate eyelashes in EasyLiftTraining?

Yes, lamination and care are covered and shown in theory and in the treatment video. You will be shown the differences and options for treating the eyelashes with an extra portion of care after the eyelash lift.

I am unsure whether an online training program is really right for me.

Oh yeah, that's that's the absolute best concept for you. You have to know that eyelash lifting itself is not difficult to learn. It is important that you receive the correct and complete knowledge so that you can think and apply independently.

In-person training is usually always timed. In other words, you pay for a certain number of hours. This time will not be enough to convey all the topics in detail and it may happen that the trainer inadvertently forgets to share important information. It can be very challenging for our memory to retain all the knowledge immediately after a face-to-face training and then to use the knowledge afterwards applied to a model. We know from experience that in over 90% of cases the participant does not internalize the new knowledge in this short time and therefore cannot apply it to the training model. He only works according to the trainer's instructions without being able to think for himself, like a puppet. In the worst case scenario, the participant is no longer even able to carry out the entire treatment themselves, which means that the trainer has to intervene to finish it. With EasyLiftTraining you don't take any of these risks because you don't invest in time but in complete, real-time knowledge. In addition, you save money on travel costs, accommodation costs, additional food costs and a day of vacation. You are much more flexible because you can adapt EasyLiftTraining to your everyday life and your pace. Experience has shown that over 95% of questions and difficulties only arise after the training, when the participant starts working on different models and customers. Now it is extremely important that you have really reliable and intensive aftercare. EasyLiftTraining is an absolute pioneer in the eyelash industry with its aftercare. It is extremely important to the trainer to train you to be a top stylist and to improve the quality of the industry for everyone. Regardless of whether you complete an online program or in-person training, at the end of the training you have to do the treatment in your salon or home studio carry out alone. Training courses give you theoretical and practical knowledge, but you still have to carry out the treatment yourself. No trainer is able to give you their hands or eyes. Due to all of these facts, trainers and participants are convinced that a systematically well-structured online training program, such as EasyLiftTraining, has many more advantages than a purely face-to-face course.

When will I receive the access data for EasyLiftTraining?

Immediately after you have paid for your training, you will receive an email asking you to create a password for your account. You then log in here using your email address and your newly assigned password via “My Account”. You now have access to your course content.

Can I extend EasyLiftTraining by a few days?

No, an extension for any number of days is not possible in the booking system.

Who can I contact if I have any questions during the EasyLift training?

First go through the entire training once. In most cases, your questions will be answered in ongoing lessons. If you still have unanswered questions at the end, don't hesitate to take advantage of our intensive follow-up support. Contact the trainer via Telegram or email.

Which products are used in EasyLiftTraining?

First of all, it is important to know that EasyLiftTraining is brand independent. The trainer has gained experience with different manufacturers over the past few years. This is how she came up with her favorite products, which she will introduce to you with the best of her knowledge and belief during the training. The top priority is always the quality of the products so as not to damage the eyelashes. But great emphasis is also placed on all ecological aspects when selecting products. Training is carried out with the lotions from Ruthie Belle*. Training is also provided using products from Thuya, Eye Do and Amica Lashes. You can easily order all products online. Discount codes have also been negotiated with some manufacturers especially for you. As an EasyLiftTraining student, take advantage of the privilege of saving money with every order. You are never forced to work with these products. EasyLiftTraining prepares you to be able to identify ingredients and their properties yourself. This allows you to work with all products. During the course of the training, you will also be introduced to inexpensive yet good no-name disposable products. This is where eyelash stylists produce a lot of waste and also waste a lot of money.

Which silicone pads are used in EasyLiftTraining?

You will be introduced to the standard cloud pads (flat and round) and hybrid pads from Ana Ceni. Here too, you are never forced to work with these pads. With your new expertise you will be able to work with ALL pads on the market.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation after you complete the training. However, the certificate of participation says nothing about the quality of your work. To receive a professional award, you have 6 months to send us your 5 best works by email. After passing the quality test according to EasyLiftTrainingStandards, you will automatically receive your personal quality certificate.

Is there a starter kit included?

No, a starter kit is not included in any package. During the training you will receive all links to the recommended and used products. So you can put together your kit individually and as needed.

I feel very insecure performing the treatment on a customer or model for the first time. What can I do?

That's totally normal, we've all felt that way at some point. Every beginning is enjoyed with some excitement and respect, and that's exactly the way it is. After all, you work on the human body. It is your duty to treat him responsibly. After EasyLiftTraining you are well prepared in theory. Now all you have to do is apply your new knowledge. You will quickly notice how you gain experience and self-confidence with each treatment. Depending on the type of person you are, you will no longer be agitated after the fifth to tenth treatment and your eyes will develop the ability to function like a macro lens to pay attention to the really important details. The important thing is: don't think about it too much. Have the courage and carry out the first treatment. The best way to do this is to invite a friend or family member.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can choose to pay in installments via Paypal.

Why do I have a maximum of 30 days for EasyLiftTraining?

First of all, 7 days would be enough. This timed training system is designed to ensure that you complete the lessons in such a way that your newly learned knowledge is fresh in your mind, thereby training you to become a truly successful llamimaker. Because the lessons build on each other. This saves you a lot of time and stress and allows you to get the most out of your investment.

What exactly is an eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift is a cosmetic treatment in which the natural eyelashes are given a beautiful, “permanent” curl, just like you know from the eyelash curler. The natural eyelashes are lifted and/or curved by the products used during the treatment. By lifting and/or bending they appear a lot longer. In reality, it is an optical illusion, because you open the sagging, curly eyelashes, making the entire eyelash area visible. As you can see, with this treatment you only work with your customers' natural eyelashes and do not apply any artificial eyelashes.

What benefits does my customer benefit from the treatment?

  • After the treatment, your customer has beautiful, curved natural eyelashes for several weeks. This makes your eyes appear much more expressive, which opens them optically and automatically conceals droopy eyelids.
  • Perfect for customers who don't like artificial eyelashes and are looking for a practical solution.
  • The treatment only takes about 1 hour and the results last about 6-10 weeks.
  • After the treatment, your customer may have to avoid contact with water in the eyelash and mascara area for the first 4-5 hours, but after that there are no lifestyle restrictions for her. (I'll show you how you can also cancel these rules)
  • The eyelash lift is also suitable for customers who have an allergy to eyelash glue and therefore have to do without artificial eyelashes.
  • And one advantage that you shouldn't ignore: sweeping, long eyelashes strengthen every woman's self-confidence!

What benefits does the treatment have for me as a stylist?

  • Eyelash lifting requires no prior knowledge. It is a simple treatment and can be learned by anyone.
  • You have a very low cost of goods of a few euros per customer, a maximum time investment of 1-1/2 hours each (advanced/beginner) and you can offer the treatment for an average of €50-80, depending on the location.
  • You can particularly score points with customers who prefer naturalness because, as already mentioned, no artificial eyelashes are used.
  • If you specialize exclusively in eyelash lifting, you can offer the treatment in a pure eyelash lifting salon and thus fill a niche in your city. This model brings with it a variety of organizational benefits.
  • You can easily incorporate the treatment into many professions as an additional treatment, such as in a hairdressing salon, in a cosmetic or nail salon, in a waxing studio or in an eyelash studio where you already work with artificial eyelashes.
  • By offering eyelash lifting, you automatically reach more potential customers for all the treatments you offer.

I'm unsure whether I should learn eyelash lifting or eyelash extensions.

Definitely the eyelash lift. Eyelash lifting is much easier to learn than eyelash extensions. After about 5-10 eyelash lifts you will already feel a certain level of security. In addition, you will quickly catch up with the speed of the eyelash lift. While you need 90-100 minutes with your first clients/models, after 10-15 clients you will need 60-90 minutes and very soon you will have achieved a clean, beautiful eyelash lift in less than 60 minutes. Learning how to extend eyelashes, on the other hand, is much more time-consuming. As a beginner, you will have to set up a new installation on two dates and take a total of 3-4 hours. need. It is not uncommon for a year or more to pass before you can actually work economically and achieve a feeling of security. Ultimately, you will plan on 2-3 hours for a new application and 1.5 hours for a refill appointment. During the eyelash lift you move your body a lot more than with the eyelash extension and the time difference also means that the eyelash lift is a physical treatment for you much more pleasant and healthier. Not to forget that when you have eyelash extensions you are constantly inhaling very toxic, carcinogenic glue fumes. The initial equipment for eyelash extensions is much more expensive (from around 700 euros) because you need different types of eyelashes to meet all customer requirements. However, very high-quality initial equipment for eyelash lifting only costs half as much. Because of all these facts, we recommend that you start with the eyelash lift. As soon as you feel ready, you can start with the more time-consuming eyelash extensions. Know that you are free to choose which treatments you offer. You can specialize exclusively in eyelash lifting and open a pure eyelash lifting salon. If you still want to learn both treatments, we strongly advise you not to learn both treatments at the same time. Perfect yourself in one area first and feel confident before starting something new. You will find it extremely difficult to learn several treatments at the same time without losing quality. Customers quickly notice the difference between high-quality and low-quality service. There is only one way to build a reliable and stable customer base: quality in the service and in the treatment of your customers.

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