During eyelash lifting (also called eyelash lamination), the eyelashes are smoothed, lifted and stretched - in short: permanently given curl using a 3-phase system. Thanks to a very specific technique, they look longer.

  • Eyelash lifting + final care (approx. 60 minutes) 59,-
  • Eyelash lifting + color + final care (approx. 75 min.) 69,-
  • Restorative intensive mask (optional) 10,-
  • Correction work from a third-party studio + intensive mask (approx. 75 min.) from 69,-
  • Correction work from a third-party studio + intensive mask + color (approx. 85 min.) from 79,-
  • Neutralization + intensive mask (extracting an overtreatment from a third-party studio, without color)(approx. 60 min.) from 59,-


How can I imagine the appointment with you?

At the beginning you will be informed in detail about the treatment. It is important to us that you as a customer understand how the transformation occurs. We adapt the treatment individually based on the direction of growth, your natural eyelash length, eyelash structure and eye anatomy. We choose the correct silicone pad on which your natural eyelashes will be placed. We also adapt the exposure times of the lotions that are used during the treatment and are crucial for the new curved eyelash curve to your eyelash type. At the end of the eyelash lift, we will treat your eyelashes with a special finishing treatment. If you wish, we can dye your eyelashes directly.

When does it make sense to dye your eyelashes?

Coloring always makes sense if your natural eyelashes are light. Even with brown eyelashes or light eyelash tips, we achieve a more intense result thanks to the color. If your eyelashes are already black, coloring them makes no difference and is not necessary.

Will my eyelashes become thicker, longer or more as a result of the eyelash lift?

No. Your eyelashes will not become stronger or thicker. However, final care makes them appear healthier as it leaves a beautiful shiny effect. Your eyelashes will also not become longer as a result of the eyelash lift. Rather, it is an optical illusion, as we reveal a lot of your eyelash area by shaping it and opening it up. For longer eyelashes, we recommend using an eyelash serum (properly). https://www.dr-massing-cosmetics.de/products/long-lashes-wimpernserum
You won't get more eyelashes with the eyelash lift. Not even with the help of an eyelash serum, because where there are no roots, nothing can grow.

What do I have to consider before the eyelash lifting treatment?

Avoid oily products, eyelash serum, eyelash curlers and waterproof mascara 24 hours before your appointment and eyelash curls at least 7 days before your appointment. We ask that you come to your appointment with your eyelashes washed. If this is not possible, you have the opportunity to clean your eyelashes with us. To do this, you must arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment. Please inform us about this.

What do I have to pay attention to after the eyelash lifting treatment?

Please avoid contact with water, steam, showers that are too hot, sauna and solarium for the next 5 hours.

How long does the effect of an eyelash lift last?

You lose around 2-5 natural eyelashes a day. With this natural eyelash renewal, the lifted eyelashes naturally fall out day after day. The eyelashes that grow back have their natural curve again and so the lifting effect diminishes day after day and week after week. Depending on how many natural eyelashes you have and what your eyelash cycle is, the effect lasts 6-10 weeks.
After about 4-5 weeks you will notice that some eyelashes have already renewed themselves. However, the lifting still looks great.
After about 6-8 weeks you will feel the need to lift again so that all your eyelashes are beautifully curled again. There are also customers who always want their eyelash lift to be perfect. Thanks to our gentle and high-quality products, we are able to refresh the eyelash lift after just 4 weeks. Of course, you can also let the lifting grow out completely without making a new appointment.

Is the eyelash lifting treatment harmful?

If the work was carried out correctly by qualified personnel, an eyelash lift is not harmful. The quality of the products used also plays a very important role. At Lashista we only work with very gentle and high-quality products, which means we can guarantee the maintenance of eyelash health. We also attach great importance to all ecological aspects of our manufacturers.

I can't make my eyelash lifting appointment or I'm late. What to do?

Something can always come up unplanned. Appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance. There will be a cancellation fee for appointments that are not canceled (50% of the treatment price). If there are more appointments that are not canceled, it is not possible to reschedule appointments.

Please let us know if you are running a little late. Appointments are generally accepted up to a delay of 5 minutes. If you show up for your appointment 6 minutes or later, the appointment will be canceled and you will be charged a cancellation fee (50% of the treatment price).