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Lamitta Lami Palette

Lamitta Lami Palette

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Silicone Lami palette* for eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination from Lamitta.

The Lamitta Silicone Lami Palette is an essential worktop for your workplace. This Lami Pad features a generous palette that allows multiple tools to be placed in close proximity, increasing productivity for an optimal work experience.
  • 7 round slots for products
  • 5 shelves for the Lamitta Lash Lift brushes (or other brushes)
  • 3 shelves for smaller tools
The palette is made of soft silicone and is sturdy enough to stay in its upright position to avoid spills of liquids or creams.

  • Reusable silicone
  • Stable pallet
  • Large areas for multiple brushes and tools
  • Easy to clean
  • Color spots are not visible

Material: silicone. Made in Kazakhstan.

Size: L 20cm x H 13.5cm x W 1cm

*Accessories as shown in the photos not included.

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