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Lamitta brush set of 5

Lamitta brush set of 5

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Synthetic eyelash lifting brushes set of 5 from Lamitta.

The brush set from Lamitta contains the perfect combination of brushes that you need for eyelash lifting.

This unique brush collection was patented and designed by Liliya Utivlenova, the creator of the legendary Laminator brush. Now she has expanded her collection to include additional brushes for every step of the lash lift, made with the same high quality and attention to detail.

The eyelash lifting brush set contains:

  • Laminator Slide: Brush for laying the eyelashes on the silicone pad with balm
  • Brush 1: Apply lotion
  • Brush 2: Applying lotion / tinting lower lashes
  • Brush 3: Remove product
  • Brush 4: Color/Care

The Lamitta Lash Lift Brush Set is a must-have for every Lamimaker!


  • Complete set for eyelash lifting
  • Brushes are numbered logically
  • Precise product placement and removal
  • Reusable and therefore environmentally friendly, unlike plastic disposable brushes

Cleaning: Clean the brush with soap and water after each use to remove product residue. Then spray it with Isopropyl alcohol 70%. After 30 seconds of exposure, rinse the brush thoroughly with water . Do not use heat!

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Irina Augustin
Beste Investition

Diese Pinsel sind der Wahnsinn!
Ich bereue nur, dass ich sie nicht schon viel früher bestellt habe. Man kann sehr präzise mit ihnen arbeiten und sie lassen sich ganz leicht reinigen.