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Silicone Pads by Ana Ceni Mix Box in pink glitter

Silicone Pads by Ana Ceni Mix Box in pink glitter

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These pads attach perfectly to any eyelid!

Each mix box contains four sizes:





Colors: Pink Glitter

Application: The pads can be easily attached to the eyelid with balm or glue. The eyelashes can also be laid very well on this type of silicone with balm or with glue.

Why you'll love them: The material is very soft, which means you can attach the pads perfectly to any eyelid.

Cleaning/disinfection: Clean the silicone pads with soapy water before first use and after each use. Then disinfect them by spraying the silicone pads completely with 70% isopropyl alcohol. After about 30 seconds of exposure, wash the silicone pads with water and dry them. Then put them in a clean box with a lid.

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